6 October 2004

Go see this

by Matt Rubinstein at 5:30 pm

liam.jpg…if you’re in Sydney and want to see some good non-representational art. This is a friend of mine who’s a landscape architect but takes time off periodically to do more interesting things (much to the despair of many of us who think landscape architecture sounds interesting enough already).

If you can’t read the details, the exhibition is at Plisse Cafe, 113 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills from Thursday 7th October to Wednesday 10th November. Do yourself a favour!

2 Responses to “Go see this”

  1. di Says:

    oi, get out of bed you lazy bugger! I am relying on you as my source of useful and non-useful info in the lead-up to the election. only two more whole days to go, thank god.

    by the way, have you seen the thingie at http:\www.advancedhair.com.au/2004/latham.html? I would link it if i knew how.

  2. Liam Says:

    Thanks Rubes

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