14 November 2004

Is America divided?

by Matt Rubinstein at 9:16 pm

purple-usa.jpgWe’ve all seen those terrifying maps of the US with Democrat states coloured blue and Republican states red, with a great red swathe across the whole centre and south of the country and only a few blue scraps clinging to the edges—it really looks like a divided country. There are also a few somewhat inflammatory comparisons between this configuration and the states and territories’ attitudes to slavery before the Civil War floating around, which probably aren’t helping.

This clever-clogs from Princeton has put together another map based on county data, which shows the differences masked by the state-based results. It’s a much more reassuring picture, though what it really shows of course is that the cities voted for Kerry and the rural areas voted for Bush.

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  1. Alastair Says:

    You can probably guess the source of this one:

    Bush Promises To Unite Nation For Real This Time
    WASHINGTON, DC—A week after winning a narrow victory over Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, President Bush promised to “unite the divided nation, but for real this time.” “Just as I pledged in 2000, I promise to bring the two halves of this nation together—only this time I’m really gonna do it,” Bush said Tuesday. “I’ll work hard to put an end to partisan politics. Seriously, though. This term, I will.” Bush then requested the support of all Americans for his agenda of cutting taxes and extending America’s presence in Iraq.

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