30 October 2004

So how many wrongs do make a right?

by Matt Rubinstein at 2:54 pm

The senator’s willingness to trade principle for political convenience makes it clear that Senator Kerry is the wrong man, for the wrong job, at the wrong time.

Yes, it’s George W Bush’s snappy response to John Kerry’s claim that Iraq was “the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time&#8221—but what the hell does it mean? Surely you want to say that your opponent is the wrong man for the right job—you know, the job of being president of the US. If he’s the wrong man for the wrong job—I don’t know, facelift-spokesmodel, or president of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds—then maybe he’s the right man for the White House? Just not now, of course.

If W really is wired, he needs a new team. They should pull Eddo Brandes in, for a start.

2 Responses to “So how many wrongs do make a right?”

  1. Alastair Says:

    Bush was misquoted. He actually said that Kerry was the wrong man for the wrong DOG, etc.

    Damn liberal (and slightly hard-of-hearing) media.

  2. Matt Rubinstein Says:

    That sure is a wrong dog. And did you notice that the DOG 4 KERRY Jr top is modelled on some incredibly pudgy, and suspiciously overdeveloped (though that could just be pudge), kid.

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