18 April 2012

Tremble before the Pentametron

by Matt Rubinstein at 4:14 am

This may be enough to justify the entire Internet: inadvertent lines of iambic pentameter automatically harvested from Twitter, arranged into rhyming couplets and then into sonnets (well, groups of 7 couplets).

I fucking #love the wonder years. Okay?
I’m just an aggravated mess today. ????
In English………. Romeo and Juliet
Why isn’t Marijuana legal yet?

I have a practice. Party is in may
yew gotta operate the easy way
The angels sang a whiskey lullaby.
Another day another dollar sigh

Good morning =) ! Thankful for another day !
I’m bringing extra shirts & cooling spray
Another day another dollar #Grind
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind :)

My teachers playing climax .. OH OKAY.
Goodmorning!!!(: feeling good about today(:

Feature requests: iambic tetrameter (marvellous, swift meter) and Pushkin sonnets (ABAB CCDD EFFE GG). Thanks to the Boings.

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