14 October 2006

Dog bites man

by Matt Rubinstein at 3:10 am

roo.jpgI had to read this headline in today’s Independent a couple of times before I could confirm that it was actually news.

Sorry about the image quality, but this is actually my first foray into the over-hyped world of moblogging: I took the picture with my phone and posted it with the same phone while sitting in a coffee shop in preposterous Cambridge. Most of it, anyway: the shop closed mid-post so I am now outside sitting on a wall that is probably 500 years old and has supported countless arses smarter than mine (or, if you like, me).

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  1. J Burnett Says:

    Another Onegin stanza fan in Cambridge. Much respect. Ridiculously, I thought Vikram Seth and I were practically the only people at it in the whole wide world… Would love to know what in particular about Cambridge have you found preposterous? Apart from the price of coffee, presumably… Looking forward to reading equinox this weekend – just grabbed it from the web.

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