8 December 2004

Missy Higgins: lesbian?

by Matt Rubinstein at 10:42 am

missy.jpgFirst let me say that I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m never going to be in a position where it’s going to make any difference; and, let’s face it, in all likelihood neither are you. Maybe you don’t care either. But it seems we’re alone on the Internet: for the second month in a row, the search phrase “missy higgins lesbian” tops the list of search phrases used to get here, edging out even “hilary duffs boobs”, “hilary duffs measurements”, “hilary duffs manslaughter”, and “watermelon connotations”.

I’m not sure how this happened. I have made brief reference to Missy Higgins and also to lesbians. And admittedly I have called attention to the strange popularity of the search term that combines those two subjects. But I’ve never presumed to inquire as to whether, in fact, Missy Higgins is a lesbian—until now. Now, in the interests of attracting more traffic, and of ensuring that everyone who takes the time to visit this site goes away with at least something, let’s have a look at the evidence.

1. Lyrics

Ms Higgins’s ubiquitous smash Scar, which I still like after having heard a lot, contains the following verses (the bridge and chorus are omitted as apparently irrelevant to the question of Ms Higgins’s lesbianism):

He left a card, a bar of soap,
And a scrubbing brush next to a note that said
“Use this, down to your bones.”
And before I knew, I had shiny skin
And it felt easy being clean like him,
I thought “This one knows better than I do.”

So the next one came with a bag of treats,
She smelt like sugar and spoke like the sea.
She told me “Don’t trust them, trust me.”
Then she pulled in my stitches one by one,
Looked at my insides clicking her tongue and said
“This will all have to come undone.”

Now, alert readers will have noticed that the predominant third-person pronoun in the first verse is different from the predominant third-person pronoun in the second verse. The first is a “he”, the second a “she”—and yet both seem by clear implication to have had an intimate relationship with the singer. What is the prurient listener to think?

First, let’s agree that singers don’t always and without exception sing as themselves; sometimes they make stuff up. For example, contemporary meteorological and ballistic records confirm that Mick Jagger was not born in a “crossfire hurricane”; and any decent biography will tell you that he was raised by Joe and Eva Jagger of Dartford, Kent, and not by “a toothless bearded hag” (or even by “two lesbians”). Similarly, Elton John is not in fact a “rocket man” and has never even been to space (though David Bowie might have); and Nick Cave has not murdered nearly as many people as his songs might suggest.

So, while the putative narrator of Scar might be bisexual, or formerly heterosexual but now a committed lesbian, that doesn’t mean Missy Higgins is: she might just be singing as someone who is. She might even be singing as two different people, like in William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying or (to a lesser extent) Bret Easton Ellis’s The Rules of Attraction—though that might be complicating things unnecessarily.

Of course, novels adopt “fake” narrative voices all the time—nobody thinks that Tom Wolfe really is “Charlotte Simmons”, even though he tells us he is—and songs are much more often seen as at least partly autobiographical, which is why singers usually change all the sexes in cover versions of songs originally sung by people of the opposite sex—unless they’re Tori Amos. But we’re going to have to call this inconclusive.

2. Lesbians on the Loose

The October 2004 edition of this Sydney monthly features an interview with Missy Higgins, in which she talks entirely about subjects related to her music. LOTL often features articles about musicians who are not lesbians, because apparently lesbians are able to enjoy music written and performed by non-lesbians.

3. Some guy on a forum

…reckons he heard an interview with Missy Higgins on a Melbourne radio station in which she did talk about whether she liked men and/or women. However, I didn’t hear the interview, and guys on forums obviously say a lot of things. Some other guy in a newsgroup calls her a “lesbian bitch from St Kilda”, presumably because she wouldn’t sleep with him despite the inexplicable sense of entitlement felt by guys in newsgroups.

I hope this has been helpful for everybody. Next week—Missy Higgins: from St Kilda?

Update: most of the comments on this post have been moved here. They’re well worth reading.

93 Responses to “Missy Higgins: lesbian?”

  1. abigail Says:

    I saw Missy say at a concert that “Ten Days” was about leaving her boyfriend behind when she went travelling. She then said “Peachy” was about him dumping her when she got home. These are her own words.

    Tom, you are a brave man – I’m surprised you haven’t been lynched already. (I’m not gay, by the way.)

  2. robbo Says:

    She is . . . ”THE SPECIAL ONE”
    What else is there to say?
    Just stumbled across this page. Never thought about her private life, and still don’t!

  3. teresa.... Says:

    missy is beautiful n i don’t care if she is gay although its a bonus if she definetly is, and besides all the lesbians out there already know its called gaydar u can just tell, but who cares lets just enjoy the music and stop categorising people, its pathetic just be who you wanna be regardless of attraction to certain gender

  4. Raiden Says:

    Funny enough she is actually singing about her sister in special two. It amazes me sometimes how people take lyrics as intimately sexual all the time. Not to say they can’t be, but i just dont think that’s what she means as in Girlfriends and Boyfriends.

  5. nellie Says:

    I dont think she’s gay or straight – like she said herself…everyone is a little bisexual. I think it more common to be mostly gay, a little gay etc then actually fall into the distinct catogory. Personally i dont really think missy is gay. Probably more bi then anything else but only she would know this. Although i did do the search for curiosity reasons i think it is good that she is keeping that part of herself to herself. Everyone needs their secrets. Im sure shes proud of herself no matter what but that doesnt mean she wants her private life splattered all over the world. Whatever her sexual preference she is great! I love her music, she is totally unique.

  6. Emma Says:

    It really doesnt matter!!! But it would be so cool if she was!!! She is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!! I’d date her any day!!!!!!!!!

  7. ze7en Says:

    It’s so obvious…she is neither straight, bisexual or a homosexual…she’s an alien from a far away galaxy. Rock on Missy!

  8. reezo Says:

    like seriouoly who cares about her sexual preference whether it be gay, straight,bi whatever do we categorise other artist by their sexuality…NO…. no one ever cared about other artist before its her business… its not worth the debate… i agree with ze7en in saying she is totally out of this world she awesome n i bet she is a fantastic person in real life.. so let her business be hers and just enjoy her great tunes….

  9. Maddy Says:

    Hey, I completely agree that it doesn’t matter in the slightest, and i have no clue. but, my best friend did work back stage t the bar at homebush when Missy played there and she was introduced to Missy and her girlfriend( I know, i was SOOOO jealous!!!!). you may not believe me, and you don’t have to, but i personally believe she’s been out with guys and a least one girl, its possible she’s BI. But i guess noone will ever know unless you ask her. I myself prefer not to brand her, or anyone else, as being straight, bi or gay. see, the thing is that most people will say “i have no problem with homosexuals”, but even subconciously they do. the fact that people brand themselves as either gay bi or straight is seperating yourself from other people and thus judging yourself, making yourself different. it’s like saying “do you like red or green apples, not that it matters?”. if it didn’t matter you wouldn’t have asked!! the important thing is that we are atracted to humans! the only way to break the barriers and make gay/bi/straight people all equal is to not brand yourself as being gay/bi/straight!! anytime someone asks me if i’m gay or straight i say “does it matter?”, they say “no, i was just wondering”, then i say “if you were wondering it obviously matters to you, which it shouldn’t”. then i tell them that i don’t bother to brand myself just so people can make me seem different.
    Being atracted to someone isn’t a choice we make, therefore it’s not a part of our personality. our personality is defined by our morals, beliefs and the choices we make. sexuality has nothing to do with it. So PLEASE DON”T BRAND YOURSELF!!!!!!!
    Having said all that, i want you all to know that i love Missy Higgins, she’s a true insiration to me as a musician myself, her personality blows me away and she is SOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for reading what i have to say and i hope it made a difference!!!

  10. Jaimie Says:

    This page is cool and very interesting. I’m not going to write what the majority of you all have written…
    so i’ll just add on to it. 1. If your straight you know you don’t like the same sex. 2. If you’re
    gay and “in the closet” you avoid the subject of gender/sex.. and you know you don’t like the opposite sex.
    3. If you’re bi you probably do the same because
    the straight people in the world make it hard for us to feel safe (it probably disgusts straights to think of
    loving the same sex). No-one wants to be disgusting. I think love is beautiful between any one.
    Girls are beautiful… everyone knows it. Just that some girls fall in love with that and some girls don’t.
    If straight people knew the pain gays/bi’s can go through from holding secrets and feeling ashamed they would
    totally lay off. But because they physically can’t feel what we feel as gays, there will always be differences here.
    I’m still in the closet and fell in love with a girl when I was 17 and fell out of love when i was 21.
    I have never said the words out loud, “I am gay”. No-one knows i am (exept 2 people in the world)… one was my girlfriend and the other was a physcologist.
    I’ve had about 12 boyfriends in my whole life, i never fell in love with any of them, but i made out i did and hurt him
    really badly. I was a virgin til i was 20 and when i had sex with my boyfriend i felt like i was being raped. It was
    a nightmare because he thought i loved him, but i just wanted to be close to someone because i didn’t want to be alone
    or gay. He would cry when i wouldn’t want him at night. One day i just turned and left him.
    Now when i think a boy is falling for me i steer him away gently and run back to my corner to wait
    for the right girl. I have this dream every now and then about this girl… i don’t actually know her, but when
    i dream of her it makes me so happy. I don’t want anyone who know’s me to know i’m gay, because i have heard
    all of their comments before about hommosexuality. If i could i would be straight and marry a nice bloke for my mum and dad to be proud. But i don’t think i ever could. The day i find another love, i will introduce her as my friend and people can think what they like, because i will share my deepest and darkest thoughts and love with only her and only she will understand.
    I think one of the hardest things i have dealt with in my teenage life is liking straights. You know they won’t feel the same about you but something in the back of your mind makes you think they might just like you a bit, but they wouldn’t ever be with you. You hang onto the thought of being with them for so long that inside your own head you start getting confused and heart broken. I am not a negative person. I am very determind and sometimes ruthless. But when you are growing up as a gay and you badly don’t want to be open about it, you beat yourself up so much that you become depressed
    and secretive. My teenage life was a nightmare and now as a young 22 year old i have to hold onto something to remind me
    i am special and deserving of love. And it’s laced through the poetry and sounds i create as a musician.
    Missy is an inspiration to anyone,.. but especially myself, because there is some true magic in her way.
    And trust me… you can’t always tell if someone is gay from the outside. I certainly don’t fit in the stereotype of a gay.
    Leave the poor girl alone now for gods sake.

  11. Jess Says:

    Missy higgins is my role model, i don’t care what she is, thats not what makes her missy, shes a beautiful person inside and out. I’m gay though. I have a deep love for missy. Even though i know that i have 0 chance whether she’s gay straight, but i can understand y missy is keeping her personal life secret. My family don’t know anything really about that part of my life, only my closest friends. We live in a society of stereotypes. And one that is mostly homophobic. So please tell me why would anyone want to come out in that sort of environment.

    Jaimie, you story really touched me, i had tears in my eyes. I feel like i just found my double. I know that being gay, growing up as a teenager realising your gay is very very hard. I’m 16 and finally figured out what and who i am. but the past 2 years while i was figuring it all out was hell. I got so depressed, i probably could of suicided. I’ve heard of plenty of stories of gay teenagers committing suicide. And My aunty who was a lesbian just recently committed suicide too. She had a girlfriend. Her girlfriend is messed up so badly. But back to the relating to jaimie part. I’ve gone out with plenty of guys, who i’ve felt nothing for whatsoever. I’ve hurt ppl so badly because of that. I fell in love with a straight female, and even though i knew that i had absolutely no chance whatsoever it was the only thing that kept me sane. I’m in love with missy and i know have no chance with her especially coz of the age difference aswell. But i still have that part of me that just holds onto it. As much as i want to be straight, i know i just can’t. It wouldnt be staying true to myself like missy talks about all the time. If missy does ever come out as gay, bisexual i will be right behind her as i am now. Not that it matters one bit. Its not what makes her, her. I don’t think i would of gotten through those 2 years without missy’s comforting lyrics and songs. I still wouldnt be able to. I’m hurting so much just because i’m so lonely and in love. I know i’m only 16 and have so much time to find someone, but for now i’m hurting and until i find someone nothing’s going to fix that. And for the person who said that missy used to be a lesbian but then went straight because she was worried of what people thought of her, she wouldn’t change because of that. Like she says, She’ll always be true to herself. I could keep on going but i wont. If you do read this missy which i don’t think is likely, i just want to say i love you so much, and i wouldn’t be able to go on without you, being gay is so painful in this society and i thankyou for being such a role model for so many people.

  12. Rets Says:

    Yeah .. well as an update Missy was having a fine time at GLBT mardi gras 2007 in the ‘women only’ space .. could be coincidence but my friends impression was she looked right at home ..

  13. lucinda Says:

    I have listened to Missy Higgins album more than most. I have definatly listened to scar enough to know that it is highly more likely that the song is about music executive trying to change her. Sorry to all those hope fulls. Didn’t Pink sing a song with a similar themed song. Did people assume she was a lesbian also?????????. I am Australian and the same age as missy. I had had a very serious relationship with a older man for the three years before her release of sound of white. I listened to it during our break up and almost every song relates almost exactly to how I felt during this time. This is a album that express the love, loss and confusion of a meaningful relationship with another human being. I always imagined it was a man but I am a straight woman.. Perhaps if I was a lesbian I would have been picturing a woman and then assumed that Missy Higgins was gay. I always listen to lyrics of any song I listen to with interest. I would have felt such emotions to Missy’s music, if she didn’t appeal to my feelings as much as she does. I hope her lyrics create as much emotion in you as they do in me. If they don’t you are missing out whether you are Gay straight or other wise. I love this music and I have never related to music as much as this. I especially love they were not there and this is how it goes. I was always back before he knew. These songs must have meant the world to you and that is the most beautiful thing. It is more than girl or boy that’s why it is beautiful and androgenous.

  14. blake stevenson Says:

    Well yes its obvious missy looks boyish,but this is why shes famous.
    If she was like all the other girl singers,i think it would be boring.
    Anyway its just a look,im sure she could wear makeup and grow her hair and you wouldnt even be able to tell if she was gay or not.
    Most of the recording artists are gay these days,i think they write better songs than straight people.
    Australia is always one of thoses places that judge people on what they are and not what they mean to people.
    missy is very talented in her own special way,and she knows what shes doing
    so we should just let her be and continue to focus on her music and not who she fucks.

  15. daniel Says:

    scar is about her parents. heard it from the horse’s mouth.

  16. missy Says:

    i have to admit that Missy Higgins is just soo hot. she is the most gorgeous person i have seen i dont really care if she is a lesbian i doesn’t really matter if she is or isn’t because its her choice if she wants to be a lesbian. some people might think she looks like one but who knows if she is or isn’t, her music is great she is a very talented girl and yes i like her. i wish her good luck if she is a lesbian.

  17. Rod Says:

    Hi Missy fans

    yeh i flicked through these comments , yeh i was lookin at her photo’s
    i don’t like her cheeky grin , oneday i’ll wipe that cheeky smile clean
    shes the type of girl that probably grow up with few brothers ,the only girl
    in the family i reckon she would give a strong wrestle , shes tough
    but if you can break her shell if your lucky enough to see whats inside
    you will have a timeless friendship that will last forever

    thanks missy (beautiful)

  18. KIRA Says:


  19. Lon Says:

    We have become obsessed with labels. Gay, straight, bi… a box for everyone. If we could all learn to accept people for who they are and not what they “do”, this world would be a very different place. We are all made of the same stuff, and we are all here for the same reason: to fill our lives with love and joy, and share this with those we care about the most. We are here for such a short time, and it is our choice at the end of the day as to whether we want to live for our happiness, or or someone elses.
    The body is a shell. It’s what lies within that makes us who we are. We need to remove our focus from the physical world and realise that it is the person within that we fall in love with, not their skin.

  20. One of the Lords people. Says:

    Nah she aint a lesbian…she is too attractive. Only lezos I know are so pig ugly no bloke would have them.
    Besides, you lezos and fags are destroying our decent, honest family values with your perverted and twisted sick way of life.

  21. Grinch Says:

    I was at school with Missy and I know she wasn’t into the chicks then. In fact, when she had long hair she was smoking hot and was eagerly chased by most guys. If she’s bi then that’ awesome, everyone’s got a chance! Haha.

  22. warmwhispers. Says:

    it rly doesn’t matter, hey.
    it’d be brilliant if she was though.
    she’s a treat for the eyes.

  23. warmwhispers. Says:


    LOL at ‘one of lords people’
    GTFO my planet.

  24. DP Says:

    To ‘one of lords people’,

    FYI, pig ugly people atttract other pig ugly other (and that come’s from the inside), hence why you think they are ‘pig ugly’.
    First things first, you are not ‘one of gods people’, because gods people should know putting judgement upon others is not your job – it is God’s job isn’t it? Nor is it ok to sledge others off because of whom their inside spirit is – if you are the godly person you are, for a start what are you doing on a forum related to the topic of who’s a lesbian and poking your nose around? Also if you think the subject is dirty; then my thoughts are you would stay away because you only want clean god thoughts in your head don’t you? You should be looking for site called gabbing about god or something instead and use your time constructively – go to a religious forum, and not waste ours with your crap that no-one is interested in.

    Also, you obviously wouldn’t know many lesbians at all, and have shallow thoughts on what gay/lesbian is. What you see once a year in the parade is not what every single gay/lesbian is like or does. Take me for instance, if you met me, we more than likely would get on, you would find me atractive (as most men do) and we would get on – then you would surprisly find out I’m a lesbian – oh no! Well f*&k you, I’m a loved, respected, profesional and traveller with an outstanding career and a name and place in my community forever with all the volunteer work I do. I’m not trying to blow my horn, I’m making a point than there are (god knows), thousands of gays/lesbians that are just like me and you wouldn’t know any different because you’re ingnorant and can’t see very far past the ugliness of obviously how you view life. I actually feel really sorry for you, yet have enjoyed speaking out for us gays – huh! and I’m a roman catholic who is loved very much by my respected and educated family, not to mention my colleagues, and professional clients, oh no! blah blah blah, get a life – we all have one!

    Not just speaking out for gays/lesbians, but anyone who should live HOW they want WHEN they want – as long as it’s not in harms way, who cares – enjoy life all and take care

  25. PJW Says:

    Hey Dumb-ass ‘one of lords people’ you sound really cute!!! he he…..! Can I root you up the bum, because obviously the sh*t comes out of both ends……………and YES, I am a fag and when the time comes I will have to put a library bag over your head when I root you ’cause your so pig ugly………oink oink…..If I’m not mistaken, you must have shit for brains! I may burn in hell, but your ass is coming with me! What time do you want me to come around? cya then………………….

  26. chaz Says:

    lots of chicks seem to dig missy. ami the only bloke that reckons she’s hot? shes a top aussie lass whatever her sexuaity. ta

  27. Saskia Says:

    hmmm somehow i think that ‘one of lord’s people’ or whatever is a 13 yr old boy who thinks he’s funny, let’s all just ignore him :). what’s far more frightening is Tom Higsman, who made the imbecilic (and highly uninformed, obviously) suggestion that being gay is a choice. tell ya what, fella, it ain’t. sorry to burst that silly little bubble there, but somebody had to tell you eventually. maybe you should take a walk in a gay man’s shoes….

  28. One of the Lords better people Says:

    PJW…typical response from the demographic responsible for spreading HIV. Good thing it is predominantly wiping out you and your kind. Natures way of getting rid of natures mistakes.
    DP…Good luck to you in your profession etc. When can we meet for coffee?
    Warmwhispers…dont be greeedy. It is OUR planet. No need to be a typical child of the ME generation.

  29. Haddock Says:

    John Howard is a Lesbian. Paris Hilton is a Lesbian. David Hicks is a Lesbian. Osama bin Laden is a Lesbian. Bindi Irwin is a lesbian. Ben Cousins is a Lesbian. David Beckham is a lesbian. Julia Gillard is a lesbian.

    Now let’s see if that increases your traffic.

  30. Davo Says:

    Like any of this matters………..
    I just thinks she’s one of those cool crazy hot muso chicks that anything goes!!!!!!!!!
    GO MISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. dash Says:

    I really, really, really,really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really DON’T want Missy to be a lesbian.

  32. Baldric Says:

    Speaking from the hetero male perspective (the only one from which I can speak with any semblance of authority)….

    I’ll admit that the smoky voice crooning “You’ve got a secret, don’cha baby” on JJJ haunts and intrigues me, possibly more so when placed in the context of the conjecture about Missy’s personal business.

    Great songwriter, sublime singer, and from what interviews I’ve read/seen/heard, someone I find fascinating, someone who’d be interesting to talk with over dinner or wine… pretty girl… and not once there, among this (brief) list of things that makes her an attractive apparition in my eyes, is sexuality a factor for consideration… so it REALLY shouldn’t matter… and if it does, it’s my problem, not hers.

    It shouldn’t matter one iota what anyone’s preferences are… but (sadly) it does. It seems that most blokes are threatened by lesbianism (especially if they find the subject attractive), as it seems to invoke a feeling of exclusion (probably a hell of a lot less than that felt by those whose sexuality alienates them from what society preaches as the “norm”, though). You know – “damn, she’s a lezzo? But she’s hot… ” (at which point bloke’s imagination completely immolates the dream/fantasy of ever engaging the subject in the manner of sexual congress of personal choice)… and then concludes “….Pity.” And that’s silly, really, as it’s more a result of personal insecurity than any personal rejection (I mean, really, how many of the hetero males on this page would ever realistically have the chance of wooing/bedding Missy Higgins?)

    Given that I’ve known, liked and/or admired plenty of gay folk of either gender, I sorrowfully have to admit that it’s a personal failing of mine that homosexuality still flusters me… that it’s still an automatic reaction to be disappointed that [insert name of gay individual here] doesn’t conform to my (by no means logical, or definitive) view of the world, that despite enjoying their company, their conversation and similarly, the company and conversation of many of their partners, there’s still a personal awkwardness over what I can or can’t say, a not-inconsiderable guilt that I (inwardly) find a little humour in the worn chestnuts of the mincing, lisping, double- (or at times, single-) entendred window-dressing stereotypes propogated thorughout the ages by Liberace or John Inman, or Bernard King, or that the word “lesbian” conjures images of stocky and muscular tattood women dressed like council workers, with their hair buzz-cut and trimmed to show sideburns longer than mine…

    To any citizens of the world who might read this and recoil in horror and repulsion that in the early years of the third millenium AD, such stereotypes should still live in the minds of men, I am sorry. While I could possibly blame it on the world as it was when I was growing up, it still comes back to a lack of understanding or empathy on my part… and I try not to let my personal failings encroach on anyone else’s world.

  33. lilly Says:

    hey all

    as i have flicked through these comments…i am confused
    when people say “her boyish sense of fasion” and she dresses like a guy
    whats wrong with wearing a singlet top if you have an amazing body to pull
    it off with? and if u can pull of short hair then so be it..

    and the one thing that pisses me off the most is people saying you have a
    choice to be gay??…..i mean if your are attracted to someone can you help it?
    you dont just wake up one day and say “today i think im going to be gay”
    it just doesnt work like that.

    i am a girl of 16…and struggling to find out my sexuality….at 15 i
    fell in love with a straight girl, from the moment i saw her, she gave
    me butterflys everytime i was near here…for me i guess it was love at
    first sight….but about missy

    i think people should appriciate her..for her music not on her sexuality
    i think people should be ashamed if they judge her by it, or anyone
    for the matter…as i said its not a choice…if she is..then good for her
    if shes not then good for her also

    missy higgins is an amazing singer and thats all that matters


  34. madelaine Says:

    Missy Higgins rocks!!!

  35. DD Says:

    OMG, this blogger is kinda funny. XD

  36. GK Says:

    You know, I was curious to know at first. Then, I realised I prefer not to know. The fact that she speaks to everyone – both gay and straight – is wonderful. People should read her lyrics in a way that connects best with their lives. She is so close to the heart. I love her.

  37. ma.ttrubinste.in » The Clive James A Current Affair “affair” affair Says:

    […] blog only occasionally traffics in gossip and salacity, and I don’t want to make a bad situation any worse, but […]

  38. Jasmine Says:

    Well, I looked it up and found out she came out to a magazine or something! So she is lesbian! Which I think is great I love her for that. I was finding it really difficult confronting my sexuality, but since I discovered her music and her as an artist in general. I’ve managed to open up about myself!

    Love Missy Higgins!!!! <3

  39. Dan Lane Says:

    So I was feeling melancholic and searched “Missy Higgins The Special Two” and this came up. I love what you wrote. I am happier for reading what you wrote . Dan :)

  40. Anna Says:

    She’s not a lezzo. She just had a kid.

  41. hoeslaken 90x210 Says:

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  42. Itsisg Says:

    I assume you are mostly Aussies, maybe a Kiwi or two…let me fantasize that you are for a minute to make my point. There’s a small test at the end for anyone who is still reading.

    So here’s the point: All this text from all these folks with so much to say about Missy Higgins’s sexual orientation, most writers tripping over themselves to say that “of course I don’t care, it doesn’t matter, or it’s none of our business”. This is why I think Aussies are so lovely, actually it’s Aussie girls who are lovely. But sometimes Oz can be like so 2010. Im living in California and it seems you all are still in such a sweat about sexuality…come a little further… Nearly all Californians (most Americans and Brits actually) have pretty much embraced diversity of sexual orientation….I don’t mean “accepted” it, I mean like embraced it…we really like it. It makes everyone a little more interesting, and interactions with new people a little more unknown, but a little more sensuous, because you never know. So no matter how hard you try to ignore it, you’re always wondering, just a little…can’t help it. Very sensuous. Which also makes you wonder, just alittle…so…who exactly am I? So here’s the dealio with Missy… everything about her music, her voice, the way she moves when she sings and smiles when talks, and what I’ve picked up randomly about her life and choices along the way, all of that sexuality and passion comes thru it her speaks thru her music to the soul, at least to mine. Coming back to her music every few months is always like returning home after a long trip and settling into a nice warm bath. And a huge part of it, at least for me, the passionate sensuous sexuality in the relationships she is singing about. It’s obviously, like so obviously, a central part of her art. So…boys or girls doesn’t matter? You don’t care, you say? What? Total nonsense. Nobody makes this kind of art without a deep sensual sexual side of herself full of the loves and pains and strains and secrets. We all have this few can turn into such art. Sure maybe you don’t need to know whether she likes boys or girls to appreciate her music, you can just play her stuff in your own head. But doesn’t it make her, and every other artist, that much more completely real, and YOU more completely human, to know, to embrace, and to appreciate where her art is at least partly coming from? Thats why we all like it when people come out…not because we get to show who WE are…all tolerant and open blather blather blather, but because we get to know more and appreciate more about who that person is. Sexual orientation doesn’t define you, but it is a huge part of you. I really love Missy’s work and how it’s evolving, and I love coming back to her after being away for a while. I love how this woman sounds, who this woman is, the relationships she is singing about, and how her art is evolving, even if I don’t know exactly what life experience is driving it. But look, last point…I have to say it…you really can’t tell if she likes boys or likes girls?…Jesus, how can you not hear that she has liked and loved and struggled with both!

    So, if you are still reading…who wrote this? What’s my gender, what’s my sexual orientation, and for that matter how old am I and am I really a Californian? And yes it really does matter.

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