20 July 2007

Words, words, words

by Matt Rubinstein at 10:11 am

jack.jpgI did a lot of talking in June, and it wasn’t all about myself (though a lot of it was). At the Sydney Writers’ Festival I spoke about digital books and copyright with Sherman Young and Michael Fraser. Sherman gave a very provocative talk about how books have to go digital or else:

The bottom line is that in 2007, books must embrace the possibilities of digital. Sure, there are issues to be discussed and hurdles to overcome, but unless it happens, books are dead. Weighed down by printed objects, the unique qualities and virtues of books will be sidelined in an increasingly irrelevant part of the cultural universe.

It’s exciting stuff, though I think that for most books the hurdles are maybe a bit more significant than Sherman reckons—which is both good and bad: we can go on doing things the way we’re doing them for a while longer, but we could be doing things a lot better. Anyway, my speech is over here. Michael’s doesn’t seem to have turned up online, but he made some important points about why we need copyright (though I don’t think we need quite as much as we’ve got).

Anyway—while I was putting up the speech I thought I might as well do the other ones. So here’s my talk about literary mysteries, and the one about zines and blogs.

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  1. Di Says:

    I just read your review in the ABR, seems you are very clever indeed!

  2. Fiona Says:

    Aw, come off it. I just spoke to you and used that sentence without the ‘seems’. Er, feel like I should say something clever now to justify post. Darn, never get the hang of these things. They make me feel self-conscious. News, writerly? I’ve just started up a Writers’ Club here at CSU university. (I organise and the scriptwriting lecturer runs)it). He states that Gentleman writers write because they have to and Lady writers write because they have something to communicate- anything to add, anyone? (apart from the obvious joke about those who aren’t either)

  3. ma.ttrubinste.in » Law and Laureates Says:

    […] like those chumps who win the lottery and keep going to work every day, even after I published my novel in verse about Adelaide I still finished my law degree and then practised for five years. I still do a bit of contracting […]

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